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UC IPM Green Bulletin

Green Bulletin newsletter

The University of California Statewide IPM Program presents the UC IPM Green Bulletin. This newsletter focuses on specific practices and information that pest management professionals can incorporate into their daily work to manage pests effectively while reducing pesticide runoff and other environmental problems.

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Current issue

Vol. 5 · No. 1 · May 2015 (PDF)

  • Tree Squirrels: Identification and Management
  • Spring Monitoring for Turf Insects
  • New UC IPM Online Course Helps Schools and Child Care Centers Follow the Healthy Schools Act
  • New UC IPM Photo Repository Shows Plant Damage from Herbicides
  • New and Updated Resources
  • Ask the Expert: where to find information about regulations for managing tree squirrels

Back issues

Vol. 4 · No. 4 · December 2014 (PDF)

Vol. 4 · No. 3 · August 2014 (PDF)

Vol. 4 · No. 2 · April 2014 (PDF)

Vol. 4 · No. 1 · December 2013 (PDF)

Vol. 3 · No. 4 · August 2013 (PDF)

Vol. 3 · No. 3 · May 2013 (PDF)

  • What Can Landscape Managers Do to Help Honey Bees?
  • Pesticide MSDS Format Changes
  • New Active Ingredient Available for Snails, Slugs
  • Oils: Important Landscape Pesticides
  • Visit UC IPM’s Web Site for Free Online Training
  • Revised Resources
  • Ask the Expert: bee sting hazards, insecticidal soaps

Vol. 3 · No. 2 · February 2013 (PDF)

  • Bed Bug Monitors Enable Early Detection
  • Managing Ants with Reduced Use of Pyrethroids
  • Brown Widows Get Foothold in SoCal
  • Designing Pest-proof Structures
  • New Resources
  • Ask the Expert: Fipronil for ants, bed bug monitors

Vol. 3 · No. 1 · November 2012 (PDF)

  • New Restrictions on Pyrethroid Insecticide Applications Protect Urban Surface Waters
  • New Beetle, Disease Complex Threatens Trees
  • What Are Those Bugs in the Alyssum?
  • Using Solar Tents to Inactivate Invasive Weed Seeds
  • Just Released: IPM in Practice, 2nd ed.
  • Revised Resources
  • Ask the Expert: new pyrethroid rules, Bagrada bug

Vol. 2 · No. 4 · August 2012 (PDF)

  • Integrated Thrips Management in Landscape Settings
  • Deer Mouse Infestation? Be Aware of Hantavirus
  • Iron HEDTA: A Natural Selective Herbicide
  • Asian Citrus Psyllid, Huanglongbing Update
  • New Resources
  • A New Seed Bug
  • Ask the Expert: problems with ngaio trees, map for Asian Citrus Psyllid in California

Vol. 2 · No. 3 · May 2012 (PDF)

  • Should You Be Worried about Herbicide Resistance?
  • Using Lure Traps to Reduce Yellowjackets around Picnic Areas
  • Can We Smell Bed Bugs?
  • Resource Announcement
  • Ask the Expert: herbicide resistant plants, bed bug infestation

Vol. 2 · No. 2 · February 2012 (PDF)

  • Irrigation Practices Affect Pest Problems
  • Be Careful When Moving Infested Wood
  • Handling Invasions of Homes by Nuisance Pests
  • Mushrooms and Other Nuisance Fungi in Lawns
  • Ask the Expert: exotic and invasive pest species

Vol. 2 · No. 1 · November 2011 (PDF)

  • Natural Herbicides: Are They Effective?
  • NPIC: A Good Source of Pesticide Information for Your Customers
  • Alternative Turf Demonstration Project
  • New at UC IPM: Free Online Courses
  • Ask the Expert: fescues, green herbicides

Vol. 1 · No. 7a · March 2011 (PDF)

  • Don't Let Your Pesticides Go Down the Drain
  • Pesticides on Concrete Surfaces
  • Choosing Pesticides with Fewer Water Quality Risks
  • Guide to Common Organic Insecticides for Landscape Use
  • New at UC IPM: Olive Knot, Urban Pesticide Runoff course, new pesticide database
  • Ask the Expert: drain covers, pesticide reporting

Vol. 1 · No. 6 · February 2011 (PDF)

Vol. 1 · No. 5 · December 2010 (PDF)

  • Ground Squirrel Management
  • Trapping to Manage Pocket Gophers
  • Invasive Pest Alert! Red Palm Weevil
  • Ask the Expert: ground squirrels, gophers, rats

Vol. 1 · No. 4 · October 2010 (PDF)

  • Diagnosing Lawn Disorders
  • Water Conserving Demonstration Gardens Hold Open House
  • Q&A: Water Conservation and Drought in the Landscape
  • Ask the Expert: watering lawns, overseeding and renovating lawns, turf species, turf pesticides

Vol. 1 · No. 3 · September 2010 (PDF)

  • Pesticide Applications to Hard Surfaces
  • Weed Control on Permeable Pavers
  • Learn More about Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
  • New book at UC IPM: Urban Pest Management of Ants in California
  • Ask the Expert: permeable interlocking concrete pavement

Vol. 1 · No. 2 · July 2010 (PDF)

  • Efficacy of Argentine Ant Treatments
  • Insecticides in Runoff Water from California Homes
  • New at UC IPM: 10 new Pest Notes
  • Ask the Expert: pyrethroid pesticides, National Pesticide Information Center

Vol 1 · No. 1 · June 2010 (PDF)

  • UC IPM Resources for Urban Pest Management Professionals
  • Using Bait Dispensers for Ant Management
  • Water Quality—Contaminants in Runoff from Urban Landscapes
  • Alliance Helps Reduce Pyrethroid Use
  • UC IPM resources: books, workshops, Internet
  • Ask the Expert: ant species, inspecting for ants, preventing ant problems

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