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California Sunset Temperatures 2015


April 18, 2015 (1900 PST) Air Temperatures

Add one hour for daylight time. (Produced March through mid-May)

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County UC IPM
Station Name
Station Name
Temperature (°F)
1900 PST
Alameda Pleasanton.A Pleasanton 71.3
  UNION_CITY.A Union City 61.8
Amador Plymouth_II.A Plymouth 67.9
Butte DURHAM.A Durham 67.2
Colusa COLUSA.A Colusa 74.9
Contra Costa BRNTWOOD.A Brentwood 65.5
  CONCORD.A Concord 68.6
  MORAGA.A Moraga 64.5
El Dorado CAMINO.A Camino 67.4
  Diamond_Springs.A Diamond Springs 70.1
Fresno Coalinga.A Coalinga 79.8
  FIREBAGH.A Firebaugh/Telles 78.5
  FIVE_PTS.A Five Points/WSFS USDA 76.0
  Five_Points_SW.A Five Points South West 76.9
  ORANGE_COVE.A Orange Cove 76.6
  PARLIER.A Parlier 77.7
  TRNQULTY.A Westlands 79.9
Imperial ELCENTRO.A Meloland 77.5
  PALO_VERDE_II.A Palo Verde II 73.8
  SEELEY.A Seeley 79.2
  Westmorland_North.A Westmorland North 70.0
Inyo BISHOP.A Bishop 60.8
  Owens_Lake_North.A Owens Lake North 67.1
  Owens_Lake_South.A Owens Lake South 68.7
Kern ARVIN.A Arvin-Edison 77.1
  BLACKWLL.A Blackwells Corner 76.3
  FAMOSO.A Famoso 75.2
  LOST_HILLS.A Belridge 75.3
  SHAFTER.A Shafter/USDA 72.7
Kings KETTLMAN.A Kettleman 80.5
  STRATFRD.A Stratford 79.2
Lassen BUNTNGVL.A Buntingville 65.9
Los Angeles LONG_BEACH.A Long Beach 66.9
  MONROVIA.A Monrovia 72.2
  POMONA.A Pomona 69.5
  Palmdale.A Palmdale 68.8
  Palmdale_Central.A Palmdale Central 68.6
  STMONICA.A Santa Monica 60.2
  Santa_Clarita.A Santa Clarita 70.3
Marin Black_Point.A Black Point 60.2
  Point_San_Pedro.A Point San Pedro 56.9
Mendocino HOPLAND.A Hopland FS 72.3
  HOPLAND2.A Sanel Valley 74.6#Y
Merced KESTERSN.A Kesterson 70.2
  LOSBANOS.A Los Banos 74.3
  MERCED.A Merced 71.9
Modoc ALTURAS.A Alturas 58.4
Monterey ARYOSECO.A Arroyo Seco 56.0
  CASTROVL.A Castroville 53.6
  Carmel.A Carmel 52.1
  KINGCTY2.A King City-Oasis Rd 60.3
  Laguna_Seca.A Laguna Seca 52.7
  NSALINAS.A Salinas North 52.9
  PAJARO.A Pajaro 53.7
  Pacific_Grove.A Pacific Grove 52.6
Napa NAPA.A Carneros 62.4
  OAKVILLE.A Oakville 66.9
Orange SNTA_ANA.A Irvine 66.4
Placer Auburn.A Auburn 72.2
Riverside BLYTHE_NE.A Blythe Northeast 73.0
  Indio_2.A Indio 2 84.5
  La_Quinta_II.A La Quinta II 81.4
  OASIS.A Oasis 75.5
  RIPLEY.A Ripley 70.0
  TEMECULA.A Temecula 62.4
  Thermal_South.A Thermal South 79.6
  UC_RIVER.A U.C. Riverside 71.8
  WINCHESTER.A Winchester 68.9
Sacramento TWITCHELL_ISLAND.A Twitchell Island 69.5
San Benito HOLLISTR.A San Benito 57.5
  SJ_VALLEY.A San Juan Valley 55.1
San Bernardino Big_Bear_Lake.A Big Bear Lake 47.6
  Cadiz_Valley.A Cadiz Valley 85.7
San Diego Borrego_Springs.A Borrego Springs 82.4
  ESCONDIDO_SPV.A Escondido SPV 62.6
  LA_JOLLA.A Torrey Pines 61.2
  MIRAMAR.A Miramar 64.4
  OTAY_LAKE.A Otay Lake 67.1
  SAN_DIEGO.A San Diego II 66.3
San Joaquin MANTECA.A Manteca 75.0
  TRACY.A Tracy 72.9
San Luis Obispo ATASCADERO.A Atascadero 64.3
  Nipomo.A Nipomo 53.1
  SAN_LUIS_OBISPO_W.A San Luis Obispo West 49.3
  SNLUIS_O.A San Luis Obispo 53.7
Santa Barbara CUYAMA.A Cuyama 70.7
  GOLETAHL.A Goleta Foothills 62.3
  Lompoc.A Lompoc 54.1
  SISQUOC.A Sisquoc 56.6
  SNTAYNEZ.A Santa Ynez 61.6
  STBARBRA.A Santa Barbara 58.4
  Santa_Barbara_II.A Santa Barbara II 55.9
  Santa_Maria_II.A Santa Maria II 52.4
Santa Clara Gilroy.A Gilroy 58.7
Santa Cruz FREEDOM.A Green Valley Road 52.6
  SNTACRUZ.A De Laveaga 52.4
  Watsonville_West-2.A Watsonville West II 51.3
Shasta MCARTHUR.A McArthur 63.4
  Shasta_College.A Shasta College 70.5
Siskiyou TULELK2.A Tulelake FS 59.1
Solano DIXON.A Dixon 68.2
  Hastings_Tract_East.A Hastings Tract East 68.7
  WINTERS.A Winters 72.9
Sonoma BENNETT_VALLEY.A Bennett Valley 62.3
  PETALUMA_EAST.A Petaluma East 50.9
  SNTAROSA.A Santa Rosa 51.4
  WINDSOR.A Windsor 57.9
Stanislaus Denair_II.A Denair II 77.3#Y
  MODESTO.A Modesto 72.0
  Oakdale.A Oakdale 74.0
  PATTERSON.A Patterson 76.0
Sutter Verona.A Verona 72.0
Tulare Delano.A Delano 76.1
  LINDCOVE.A Lindcove 73.9
  PORTERVILLE.A Porterville 75.7
Ventura CAMARILLO.A Camarillo 60.8
  OXNARD.A Oxnard 52.6
  Santa_Paula.A Santa Paula 59.9
Yolo BRYTE.A Bryte 77.8
  DAVIS.A Davis 75.2
  Esparto.A Esparto 81.1#Y
  Woodland.A Woodland 79.2
Yuba BRWNSVLY.A Browns Valley 70.3

#Y: CIMIS data quality analysis has flagged this value as moderately out of range.

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