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Interactive Tools and Models: Citrus Thrips Scarring Prediction Model—Testing Phase*
San Joaquin Valley, California

This model, validated so far only in Tulare County, California, is a first step in developing a reliable prediction of citrus thrips damage with advance warning. It estimates the degree of first scarring of Navel oranges by citrus thrips, Scirtothrips citri, from weather data that accumulates prior to petal fall.

*Validation of this model has been limited, and you are encouraged to test the model to see if it is helpful to you under your field conditions. You can also help us to test and improve the model. Disclaimer: The University of California and the authors of this model do not assume any responsibility and cannot be held liable for any loss that may result from using predictions from this model.

Estimates for active stations in counties:
| Fresno | Kern |  Madera | Tulare |
Choose year
Or use your own weather data  

Predictions are based on actual weather data. When a prediction is available for a station (usually between March 17 and the end of April), it is posted here.

County Active Weather Stations 2015
Estimated damage
Days with estimated temperatures
Fresno CARUTHERS-01.P, CAR 14.8% 1 of 72 days
Coalinga, CIMIS #205 10.8% 4 of 67 days
Del_Rey/Fowler-01.P, DELF 8.9% 2 of 74 days
EASTON-01.P, EAS 16.1% 2 of 72 days
Firebaugh/Telles, CIMIS #7 13.0% 0 of 72 days
Five Points/WSFS USDA, CIMIS #2 16.4% 1 of 73 days
Fresno State, CIMIS #80 10.4% 0 of 74 days
Five Points South West, CIMIS #190 27.5% 1 of 67 days
KERMAN-01.P, KER 12.5% 2 of 74 days
KINGSBURG-01.P, KNG 17.7% 2 of 72 days
Kearney_Ag_Ctr-01.P, KAC 11.3% 1 of 73 days
Laton_North-01.P, LATN 14.4% 1 of 65 days
Orange Cove, CIMIS #142 22.4% 0 of 79 days
Panoche, CIMIS #124 9.9% 7 of 74 days
Parlier, CIMIS #39 10.9% 0 of 72 days
Westlands, CIMIS #105 33.8% 0 of 68 days
Kern Arvin-Edison, CIMIS #125 8.1% 0 of 65 days
Blackwells Corner, CIMIS #54 12.6% 10 of 78 days
Famoso, CIMIS #138 6.9% 0 of 75 days
Belridge, CIMIS #146 7.7% 5 of 67 days
Madera FIREBAUGH/ALISO-01.P, FRBA 29.4% 1 of 82 days
Tulare Alpaugh, CIMIS #203 33.2% 1 of 71 days
Delano, CIMIS #182 16.7% 0 of 75 days
Lindcove, CIMIS #86 15.2% 0 of 67 days
Porterville, CIMIS #169 36.7% 5 of 83 days

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