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How to Manage Pests

Identification: Key to Aphids Commonly Found in Small Grains, Corn, and Sorghum in California


Key developed by Charles G. Summers and Albert S. Newton, Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis, and Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier

Adapted for the Web by Kathy Keatley Garvey, UC IPM Information Systems staff


Summers, C. G. , and Albert S. Newton. July 2001. Key to aphids of small grains, corn, and sorghum. UC Plant Protection Quarterly 11(4):7-10. PDF* (187K).


Jack Kelly Clark, Principal Photographer, UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Larry Strand, Photo Librarian, UC Statewide IPM Program


index.html. Redrawn from: Chaney, W. E., and M. A. Lee. 1992. Common aphid pests on vegetable crops in the Salinas valley. University of California, Monterey County Cooperative Extension Service, Salinas.

bodycolorwinged.html. Miyazaki, M. 1987.  Morphology and Systematics, 1.1 Morphology of Aphids. Pp. 1-25.  In A. K. Minks and P. Harrewijn. [eds.]. Aphids—Their biology, natural enemies and control. Vol. 2A. Elsevier, Amsterdam.

bodycolor2winged.html. Gwen Conville, Graphic Artist, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier

caudawinged.html.  M. Miyazake (above) for drawing of cauda; Gwen Conville, for drawing of antennae

caudawingless.html.  M. Miyazaki (above)

forewingwinged.html. Gwen Conville

typical html. Gwen Conville

yellow sugarcane aphid: Texas A&M

winged corn leaf aphid: University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences

winglessaphids.html.  UC IPM Leaflet. "Russian Wheat Aphid—How to Recognize this New Pest and its Damage."

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