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Quick Tips Library

Quick Tips offer quick advice related to pests and environment-friendly gardening practices. Many are abbreviated versions of our more detailed Pest Notes series. Pest Alerts highlight new pests that are invading California. Both are available online and in a downloadable PDF version that prints as a single page.

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Pest Alert
Bagrada Bug PDF September 2013
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug PDF August 2012
Common Pests
Ants PDF March 2014
Aphids PDF March 2014
Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing Disease PDF April 2013
Bark Beetles PDF March 2012
Bed Bugs PDF June 2011
Cockroaches PDF January 2004
Codling Moth PDF April 2013
Damping-off of Seedlings PDF August 2006
Deer PDF March 2014
Earwigs PDF March 2014
Fleas PDF January 2004
Giant Whitefly PDF December 2005
Gophers PDF July 2014
Ground Squirrel PDF March 2011
Head Lice PDF January 2004
House Mouse PDF March 2014
Lawn Insects PDF March 2014
Leaf-feeding Caterpillars PDF May 2013
Mistletoe PDF April 2013
Mosquitoes PDF April 2013
Peach Leaf Curl PDF March 2014
Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot PDF March 2014
Powdery Mildew PDF March 2014
Psyllids PDF June 2011
Rats PDF February 2010
Scales PDF March 2011
Snails and Slugs PDF March 2014
Spiders PDF March 2014
Spider Mites PDF March 2014
Termites PDF January 2004
Thrips PDF March 2011
Tree Borers
(Bark Beetles, Clearwing Moths)
PDF January 2004
Weeds in Landscapes PDF March 2012
Weeds in Lawns PDF May 2013
Whiteflies PDF March 2011
Yellowjackets PDF March 2014
Environmentally Sound Garden Practices
Beneficial Predators PDF March 2014
Common Garden Spiders PDF May 2013
Garden Chemicals: Safe Use & Disposal
(formerly Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides)
PDF March 2012
Keep Our Water Clean (formerly Garden Chemicals and Water Quality) PDF March 2014
Lady Beetles PDF March 2014
Landscape Design & Water Quality PDF March 2011
Landscape Plants: Fertilizing & Watering PDF March 2011
Lawn Fertilizing PDF March 2014
Lawn Watering PDF March 2014
Less Toxic Insecticides PDF April 2013
Parasites of Insect Pests PDF March 2012
Weed Control Using Herbicides PDF March 2012
What is IPM?
(formerly IPM & Beneficial Insects)
PDF April 2013

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