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Pest Monitoring

Research studies, particularly model validation or development projects, often are carried out in several distant locations. Meanwhile, it's helpful for participants to see results of the regular monitoring under way.

The Web-based Pest Monitoring program allows leaders of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources research projects to

  • define the research design
  • identify participants and specify their level of participation: manager, observer, participant, public
  • define the format of graphs and data files that will be made available for viewing and downloading

After a project is set up, observers monitor insect traps in the fields under study, enter the trap counts into a spreadsheet, save it as a tab-delimited file, and upload it through the Web to a database at UC IPM. Immediately, automatically generated graphs that show the trap data and degree-days against time may be viewed on the Web, and a complete data file for the season may be downloaded from the database for viewing or analysis. Observers can note events such as biofixes, spray dates, and lure replacements on the graphs.

Sample Pest Monitoring graphs

  • Walnut Pest Management Alliance codling moth study
    7 to 11 treatments in a single orchard, in each of 5 counties
  • Monitoring Noctuid Pests in Row Crops Using Pheromone Traps project
    2 pheromone traps for each of 6 noctuid pests, placed in up to 3 locations in 7 counties

The program can support a wide variety of research designs. Access to the online graphs and data can be restricted to observers, other participants, or released to the public through the UC IPM site, as specified by a monitoring project's leader. Other information, such as research protocols or field maps, can be added to the pages for easy reference by project members.

For more information about the program or using it for a project, contact Joyce Strand, UC IPM information systems manager.


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