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Integrated Pest Management · Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of California

UC IPM Staff

2012 IPM staff

Our Vision:  Making ecosystem-based integrated pest management THE way Californians manage pests

Leadership Team

Kassim Al-KhatibDirector

Kassim Al-Khatib is a professor and Cooperative Extension specialist. He is also a weed scientist specializing in integrated weed management, vegetation management, and pesticide drift. He received his doctorate from Kansas State and his master's and bachelor's degrees from University of Baghdad.

Urban and Community IPM
vacant, Associate Director for Urban and Community IPM, is responsible for developing and supporting teams engaged in planning and implementing IPM programs for public agency, residential, landscape, and structural audiences.

Agricultural IPMLucia varela
Lucia Varela, Associate Director for Agricultural IPM, is responsible for planning, coordinating, and integrating outreach, research, and extension materials related to agricultural IPM. 

Tunyalee MartinCommunications
As Associate Director for Communications, Tunyalee Martin manages activities related to program communications, coordinating with the programmatic associate directors and ANR experts to produce informational products about IPM for growers, residents, and other practitioners.

Lisa BleckerPesticide Safety Education Coordinator
Lisa Blecker serves as Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator and UC ANR Pesticide Coordinator. She runs the pesticide safety training program, reviews ANR activities pertaining to pesticide research, and oversees ANR publications recommending pesticide uses.

Administrative Manager
Christina Adamson leads the business operations of the program, including budget and financial management, and management of human and physical resources. She also works with the Director in support of special projects and new initiatives.

Cheryl WilenIPM Advisors
Cheryl Wilen serves as IPM Advisor Coordinator. In this role, she works closely with the Director to plan, coordinate, develop, and expand the IPM Advisors and Advisor Affiliates program.


All staff

Kassim Al-Khatib
With UC IPM since 2010

Christina Adamson
Administrative Manager
With UC IPM since 2013

Maria Alfaro
Pesticide Coordination Assistant
With UC IPM since 2013

Jodi Azulai
Program Representative
With UC IPM since 2004

Lori Berger
Chlorpyrifos Project Coordinator
With UC IPM since 2014

Karen Beverlin
With UC IPM since 2013

Lisa Blecker
Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator
UC ANR Pesticide Coordinator
With UC IPM since 2011

Ria DeBiase
Pest Management Guidelines Coordinator
With UC IPM since 2014

Steve Dreistadt
Principal Editor
With UC IPM since 1989

Peter B. Goodell
IPM Advisor, Central Valley
With UC IPM since 1981

Shimat Joseph
IPM Advisor, North Central Coast
With UC IPM since 2013

Chinh Lam
Lead Programmer/ IT Supervisor
With UC IPM since 2013

Chris Laning
Web Analyst/Production Coordinator
With UC IPM since 2011

Tunyalee Martin
Associate Director for Communications
With UC IPM since 2008

Marty Martino
Meteorology Assistant
and Computer Resource Specialist
With UC IPM since 1994

Cheryl Reynolds
Interactive Learning Developer
Photo Librarian
With UC IPM since 1995

Fernanda Guimaraes Rosa
Web Production Specialist
With UC IPM since 2006

Leon Salcedo
With UC IPM since 2010

Jim Stapleton
IPM Advisor, Central Valley
With UC IPM since 1988

Andrew Sutherland
IPM Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area
With UC IPM since 2012

Emily Symmes
IPM Advisor, North Sacramento Valley
With UC IPM since 2014

Kris Tollerup
IPM Advisor, Central Valley
With UC IPM since 2013

Lucia Varela
IPM Advisor, North Coast
With UC IPM since 1992

Shannah Whithaus
Pesticide Writer/Editor
With UC IPM since 2011

Cheryl Wilen
IPM Advisor Coordinator
and IPM Advisor, South Coast
With UC IPM since 1995

Karey Windbiel-Rojas
Urban IPM Educator
With UC IPM since 2006

Affiliated Advisors

Vonny Barlow
Entomology Advisor, Riverside County
Since 2011

Surendra Dara
Strawberry and Vegetable Crops Advisor, San Luis Obispo County
Since 2011

David Haviland
Entomology Farm Advisor, Kern County
Since 2002

John Roncoroni
Weed Science Farm Advisor, Napa County
Since 2007

Steve Swain
Environmental Horticulture Advisor, Marin and Sonoma Counties
Since 2007

Affiliated Specialists

Roger Baldwin
CE Specialist, UC Davis Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
Since 2013

Jeremy James
Director, ANR Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Since 2013

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