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Integrated Pest Management · Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of California

Introduction to Pesticides

Online training for retail employees

This online training course is for retail and garden center employees and others who advise residents about home and garden pesticides. It gives basic information about types of pesticides, selecting pesticides, and pesticide safety.

  • This course is free.
  • It takes about 40 minutes to complete.
  • It is narrated—you'll need your computer's sound turned on. (Users can also view the script by clicking on the Notes pane in the viewer sidebar.)
  • Includes quizzes. You will not be graded on the quiz, but you must answer the questions correctly to move on to the next section.

Complete the course in 4 steps:

  1. Registration
  2. Presentation
  3. Feedback
  4. Certificate of completion

course temporarily offline for maintenance

If you have questions or comments, please contact UC IPM.