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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

History of the UC IPM Program

Jack Kelly Clark in orange grove, 1988

Building on a growing movement within and outside the University to promote integrated pest management research and extension, in 1979 the California Legislature funded the University of California to establish the Statewide IPM Program.

This history of the UC IPM Program, written by Jim Lyons (director or acting director of the program on four distinct occasions), details the setting in which the idea for an IPM program arose, describes how the program developed, and chronicles major milestones. It takes the program through mid-2003.

History documents (PDF)

All chapters All appendices or in parts, by chapter:

  • Prologue
  • The Beginning: July 1, 1979 to June 30, 1980
  • The Formative years: July 1, 1980 to June 30, 1986
  • Transition: July 1, 1986 to June 30, 1990
  • The Second Ten Years and Beyond
  • Appendices
    • I: February 14, 1975, A Research Proposal: An Integrated Control Program for Kearney Field Station
    • II: February 1978, Report of the Advisory Committee for the Development and Implementation of a Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program in California
    • III: April 9, 1979, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) A Proposal to Reduce Pest Damage During Food Production
    • IV: IPM Language as Approved by the Legislature and the Governor
    • V: December 11, 1979, Attendees: Advisory Committee Meeting
    • VI: December 1980, Legislative Budget Report
    • VII: March 1982, Report of the UC IPM Project Evaluation Committee
    • VIII: 1994 Ad Hoc IPM Research Program Review: Letters
    • IX: January 10, 2001, A Review: Statewide Special Programs and Projects in the Pest Management Area
    • X: November 2002, By Laws: Statewide IPM Program
    • XI: Technical Committee Membership by Year
    • XII: UC Statewide IPM Project Staff by Year
    • XIII: UC IPM Program Publications