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Educational Materials: Detailed Descriptions

Aquatic Pest Control
Pesticide Application Compendium, Vol.5

Published 2001 · Publication 3337 · 168 pages

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Photo of cover of the book, Aquatic Pest Control.

If you oversee a lake, pond, or other aquatic environment—natural or man-made—this new guide is for you!

This easy-to-use reference manual and study guide covers diverse aquatic environments, including natural marshes, wetlands, and deltas; irrigation canals and levees; ornamental ponds in parks and golf courses; hatcheries and recreational waters; and municipal water supplies and drinking water reservoirs.

Recommended Study Guide

This is the recommended study guide for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) exam in the Aquatic Pest Control category. At the end of each chapter, you'll find review questions similar to those found on the DPR examinations. This manual is to be used with Volume 1: The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides, second edition, and the DPR's Laws and Regulations Study Guide.

Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Information

This six-chapter manual includes comprehensive, up-to-date information on:

  • identifying weeds in the aquatic environment
  • methods of controlling aquatic weeds
  • identifying and controlling other pests in the aquatic environment
  • laws regulating aquatic environments, pesticide use, and protected species
  • reading and understanding pesticide labels
  • mixing and applying pesticides safely
  • selecting and calibrating aquatic herbicide application equipment
  • how to recognize and prevent pesticide poisoning
  • how to handle pesticide emergencies.

Profusely Illustrated

Profusely illustrated with 54 illustrations and more than 100 photographs, this reference manual also has 8 tables and 31 sidebars that expand on important points and provide calculation formulas. A helpful glossary and thorough index round out this study tool.

Pesticide Application Compendium

Aquatic Pest Control Pesticide Application is Volume 5 of the Pesticide Application Compendium. This series was originally written for professionals trying to meet California's tough applicator licensing requirements. It provides very useful information on all types of protective equipment and application procedures, with illustrations.

How to order

This publication is available from the UC ANR Communication Services catalog. It is also available by mail, by telephone, or through the ANR sales offices and many UC County Cooperative Extension offices. For locations and more information, see "How to Order Publications."

List of Contents

  • Using This Manual · Other Useful Pesticide Resources · The Aquatic Environment
Aquatic Weeds
  • Types of Aquatic Weeds · Characteristics of Aquatic Weeds · How Aquatic Weeds Are Introduced and Dispersed · Conditions for Aquatic Weed Growth
Identifying Aquatic Weeds
  • Algae · Emersed Aquatic Weeds · Submersed Aquatic Weeds · Submersed, Rooted, without Floating Leaves · Submersed, Rooted, with · Floating Leaves · Submersed, without Roots, without Floating Leaves  · Free-Floating Aquatic Weeds
Controlling Aquatic Weeds
  • Chemical Control · Properties of Herbicides · Aquatic Herbicide Formulations · How · Environmental Factors Affect Herbicide Activity · Mechanical Control · Cultural Control · Biological Control · Integrated Pest Management · Establishing an IPM Program
Other Pests in the Aquatic Environment
  • Invertebrate Pests · Insects · Crabs · Mollusks · Vertebrate Pests · Fish · Amphibians · Mammals · Birds · Safeguarding Endangered Species
Handling Pesticides Safely
  • Pesticide Labels and Associated Labeling · Material Safety Data Sheets · How Pesticides Injure People · Routes of Exposure · Toxicity · Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms · First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning · Heat Stress · Pesticide Impacts on the Environment
Selecting and Calibrating Aquatic Herbicide Application Equipment
  • Types of Equipment · Servicing and Maintaining Pesticide Application Equipment · Calibrating Equipment · Why Calibrating Is Essential · Calibration Methods for Liquid · Application Equipment · Calibration Methods for Granule Application Equipment
Answer Sheet for Review Questions
List of Aquatic Weed Photos and Illustrations

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