2013 Highlights: UC IPM Annual Report

Don't move firewood: buy it where you burn it.

Poster developed by the California Firewood Task Force.

Stop moving invasive pests in wood


  • Moving wood to other areas can also move insects and diseases that kill trees.
  • Campers can help by buying wood at campsites and leaving leftover wood for the next camper.

When people move wood from place to place, they may also be moving many of the pests that most seriously threaten Californiaís landscape and wildland trees. Over the past year, the California Firewood Task Force has asked the public to "buy it where you burn it"—that is, donít bring wood from home when you camp, do use wood from local sources, and leave leftover wood at the campsite for the next camper.

The California Forest Pest Council established the Task Force in 2011 to educate Californians about what they can do to prevent movement of invasive pests in wood. The Task Force developed a Web site, put up billboards across California, sponsored childrenís activities at parks and fairs, encouraged campgrounds to sell only local firewood, gave presentations across the state, and developed best management practices, posters, and other information to engage the public.

The Task Force includes a wide range of collaborating public agencies, organizations, and private entities. Entomologist Mary Louise Flint actively represents UC IPM and UC ANR on the Task Force.

The goldspotted oak borer, which is devastating native oaks in San Diego, was likely brought there from Arizona in firewood. The polyphagous shothole borer, walnut twig beetle and thousand cankers disease, and the pathogen causing sudden oak disease, all continue to spread to new areas on infested wood chips, plant debris, or wood moved for woodworking or firewood.

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